Red Wine Gel For Face


Nakshatra Herbals presents Red Wine Gel for Face. Its a night repair formula. Its Chemical Free product. 

Rejuvenates and brightens skin

Keeps Skin soothing

Adds a surge of moisture on your skin

Keeps the skin soft

Suitable for all skin types


Feel the significant change in your skin with Red Wine Gel

It has Anti Aging properties

It can be used for Wrinkle issues on face.

Nakshatra Herbals’ face Gels are Chemicals free and parabens free.

Weight: 80 gm

Nakshatra Herbals is the brand of Natural Herbal Products for skin and hair Care. All products are prepared with Premium ingredients. Handmade, Chemical free and organic in nature. 100% natural and harsh preservatives free. Free of chemicals. Handmade Products. Best quality ingredients are used.

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