Anti Hair Fall Combo Pack (Assured Results)

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Anti Hair Fall Combo Pack by Nakshatra Herbals

It Includes
Anti Hair Fall Oil 100 ml
Herbs Shampoo 100 ml
Hair Conditioner 150 gm

Hair fall will be reduced within 3 – 4 applications.


Usage: Apply Anti Hair Fall Oil on scalp and keep for whole night, twice a week. Next day, wash hair with Herbs Shampoo. Shampoo should be on scalp for 75 seconds only. Wash hair and then apply Natural Hair Conditioner on hair and keep for 3 – 4 minutes.

Nakshatra Herbals is the brand of Natural Herbal Products for skin and hair Care. All products are Premium, Handmade, Chemical free and organic in nature. We make each of our products by hands and these are parabens and sulfate free. Free of chemicals. Handmade Products. Best quality ingredients are used.

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