Ubtan Bathing Bar – Premium and Handmade


Ubtan soaps with Vitamin E, Glycerin and Rose Petals.

Suitable for all type of skin. Its herbal, handcrafted & chemical free .

Weight: 100 gm

Ubtan makes skin glowing. Having natural ingredients, ubtan bar makes skin clean without any harness on skin. It is suggested to make it a permanent addition to your skin care regimen.


It does not contain any SLES and preservatives. We make it in small batches and not stored for months. So that user can be benefited with natural ingredients effectively. Get smooth and clear skin.

Instructions: Store in a cool dry place. Ensure it is not kept in a place where it is prone to water splashing.

Nakshatra Herbals Premium bathing bars gives nourishment to skin naturally as no chemicals are used in making. These bars are blend of natural ingredients. These soaps keeps skin healthy, moisturized and soothing. Get benefits of Natural herbs in day to day life. Our soaps can be customized as per customer skin texture, skin problem, weather, favorite aromas etc.

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