Premium Bathing Bar With Red Wine Extracts


Red Wine Bathing Bar

This Premium Bathing Bar contains Red Wine Extracts (Not Wine). Red wine is well Known for beauty benefits.

Full of Antioxidants

Improves complexion too


Red wine has the ability to fight against signs of ageing and inflammation.

Red wine is used in a number of luxury facials and spas.

Nakshatra Herbals’ Premium Bathing Bars gives nourishment to skin naturally as no chemicals are used in making. These bars are blend of natural ingredients. These soaps keep skin healthy, moisturized and soothing. Get benefits of Natural Herbs in day to day life. Our soaps can be customized as per customer skin texture, skin problem, weather, favorite aromas etc.

Use the Product Within 4 months from opening the pack.

Nakshatra Herbals is the brand of natural herbal products for skin and hair. All products are Premium, handmade, Chemical free and organic in nature. We make each of our products by hands to give personal touch. 100% natural and Best quality ingredients are used. Not stored in large quantities for months. All Fresh stock is available.

Weight .1 kg

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