Premium Bath Salt – Passionate Rose


Natural Bath SaltRose 

Best, Unique, Handmade

Premium and Pure

Chemicals Free

Bath Salt Benefits:

: Relax Your Mind and Body
: Exfoliate Dead Skin
: Relieves Muscles Pain and Cramps
: Benefits of lavender include eliminating tension, relieve pain, disinfect skin, increase blood circulation and many others. Lavender helps in treating headache and stress
: Be Benefited with Peace and Relax with Natural Products.


Rose Bath Salt is made of Best Quality of Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Rose Petals and other organic ingredients which give amazing results.

Directions To Use: Mix 2 spoons of bath salt in Water or bath tub and take Bath.

Use the product within 6 months from opening the pack.

Nakshatra Herbals” products are being prepared in small batches. Not stored in large quantities for months. All Fresh stock is available.

Use Within 4 months from opening the pack.

Nakshatra Herbals is the brand of natural herbal products for skin and hair. All products are Premium, handmade, Chemical free and organic in nature. 100% natural and Best quality ingredients are used.

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